Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Housing some of my utmost favorites -- Comme des Garcons, A.P.C, Isabel Marant and Margaret Howell, to name a few. If it's not the clothes that draw you in, the fragrances most certainly will. It'd be impossible to walk past without following your nose, at the sheer pull of the senses. I simply cannot resist touching and feeling everything, the quality in fabrics and carefully crafted details, all well worth pausing for an extra second or two. Home to Sherie Muijs shirts, both Auckland Downtown and Newmarket.

Open 7 days. 5 High Street, Downtown + 6b Teed Street, Newmarket.

[Images c/o Ramina Rai for SM]

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  1. Some things that I wish - that both you and margaret howell had stockists in sydney so I could look at your beautiful clothes. Sydney is definitely lacking a real concept store like Fabric or the department store!

    thanks for linking me :)