Wednesday, June 27, 2012

travel tips [paris with talisa sutton, part three]

I am beginning to wonder if I have enough time scheduled in Paris with the endless recommendations rolling in from Talisa Sutton from Badlands

Part Three -- A list of places to see in the Latin Quater...

Notre Dame de Paris

A stunning example of French Gothic architecture; the stained glass and stonework make this cathedral truly magnificent.

6 Place Parvis Notre Dame, Paris, 75004

La Sorbonne

One of the first universities in the world - I have always dreamed of going here! Sadly I don't speak French, however it was lovely to see the building and pretend for just a moment…

1 rue Victor Cousin Paris, 75005


The Panthéon was originally built as a church but now houses the remains of many famous French figures. The interior dome and pendulum are breathtaking, as is the design of the building itself.
Above the entrance there is an inscription: "To the great men, the grateful homeland". Many citizens come to pay respects to 'national heroes' such as Zola, Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas.

Place du Panthéon, Paris, 75005

Jardin du Luxembourg

This was one of my favourite gardens in Paris. The green chairs, beautiful fountains and ducks are all part of its charm. We got nutella and marron crepes with coffee from a little cart by the fountain; perfect on a crisp winters day.

6e Arrondissement, Paris, 75006

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