Thursday, August 09, 2012

travel tips [amsterdam with aline hart, day two]

Day Two

Because of all the hard labour done yesterday – we may indulge in some down time and start this Sunday with a nice brunch. The perfect place for this would be le Pain Quotidien – but because they are multinational with a branch in nearly every big capital, I advise you to go to de Bakkerswinkel. Especially in the weekends this tea and lunchroom is very popular, so try to make a reservation beforehand. 

Yesterday we focused on the retail offerings and had our cheeks flushed with stress and excitement and perhaps forgot to have a look around to see how beautiful Amsterdam really is. So, we pack our picnic basket filled to the brim with biological produce from the Boerenmarkt and hop on our rented Boat. If you are feeling adventurous you hire one without a steersman, if not you pay some extra and hire a steersman. (Because you want to drink some wine and there is much traffic on the water, I would suggest opting for the latter). At a relaxed pace, you see the city and its inhabitants going by and just enjoy the weather and company.

After a lovely afternoon on the water we get a little bit restless and are in need of some coffee. Perfect for this pit stop and its view is Hanneks Boom. Hannekes Boom is situated nearby the Central Station and has a view of the NEMO and Scheepvaart museum. Here you can moor your boat, enjoy a nice cup and/or glass with a warm snack. The danger is that you want to stay here until closing time (1 o’clock) but we’ve made reservations at Hotel de Goud Fazant in Noord Amsterdam – so we have to bounce!

Hotel de Goud Fazant’s menu is based on the French kitchen but incorporates locally sourced ingredients, so expect parsnips and other roots to be served in an industrial surrounding. Relatively few people – including the mostly centre-centric inhabitants of Amsterdam – visit Amsterdam Noord. But due to the opening of the Hotel de Goud Fazant many of us have ventured and concurred our angst for leaving the city centre to explore what Noord has to offer. What also helped was the opening of the EYE – a film museum with a great view on the city. With the Amsterdam city lights flickering in the background, I advise you to end this relaxed and lazy day with a good glass of wine.

12. De Bakkerswinkel Zeedijk 37, 1012 AR Boat rent
13. Hannekes boom Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS,
14. Hotel de Goud Fazant Aambeeldstraat 10H, 1021 KB,
15. EYE Ijpromenade 1, 1031 KT 

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