Monday, January 07, 2013

travel tips [spain with jessica comingore, part one]

It has been over three months since my visit to Spain; Madrid being our final destination, leaving us with a lasting impression. The incredibly talented and lovely Jessica Comingore, {whom I was fortunate enough to meet while passing through Los Angeles}, left me with an extensive list of sights to see and hidden away places to eat while traveling through Spain.

My highlight from this list is easy. Olivia te Cuida -- The menu was overwhelmingly delicious-looking so left it to the chef to serve a selection of her favourites, while I sat inspired. Inspired by its simple yet unique decor and the oozing coolness and calm from the other diners packed into this tiny slice of heaven.


1. Circulo de Bellas Artes - Get a ticket to the rooftop to see some of the most incredible panoramic views of the city. Don't forget your camera!
2. Museo del Prado - The grounds are as beautiful as the work inside and you can easily spend a day slowly wandering through its corridors.
3. Museo Reina Sofia - This museum was hands-down my favorite with work from many incredible contemporary artists. The central gardens are also the perfect place to relax and people watch.

1. Mercado de San Miguel - My friend took me here on my first night in Madrid for tapas and a glass of Ribera and I was hooked. I think I went back at least three more times, each time trying something different from the vast selection of vendors.
2. Olivia te Cuida - I feel like this restaurant was taken directly out of my dreams. Only enough room for a few, and only serving lunch M-F, your best bet would be to make a reservation, and come hungry. They work with the freshest ingredients in the most unique ways I've ever tasted.
3. Junk Club - Underneath the notable La Musa Latina restaurant, you need a password to enter in to this cozy eatery with the coolest and quirkiest decor in town.

1. The Rastro Flea Market - I spent my last day in Madrid wanderng around this expansive flea market, picking up everything from leather backpacks to 19th century oil paintings. It's got something for everyone.
2. Parque del Retriro - Let yourself get lost through the paths of this park, through the rose gardens, past the lake and ending at the Palacio de Cristal — an absolute sight to be seen.
3. Plaza Mayor - This is the center of Madrid and the most beautiful at night when the crowds have died down a bit, and your path is guided only by the glow of the street lamps.

[Photography: Jessica Comingore]


  1. Haha, i've literally come back from 2 weeks in Spain. This is a nifty check list. I also checked out Olivia te Cuida for breakfast - it was great.

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