Friday, May 17, 2013

friday finds

"Friday finds" might seem a touch misleading as most of you will be seeing this post as you awake to your Saturday morning. But as timezones would have it, this is my Friday afternoon and these are my Friday finds.

In this time of change, I have stumbled across a host of new discoveries, links and insights into inspiring people, boutiques and interesting reads from various corners of the world.

Let me start by sharing with you a beautiful photographer and her photographs, Hanna Putz. Found via Anyone, Girl

And while perusing the pages of Anyone, Girl be sure to check out the online store and boutique - Maryam Nassir Zadeh. The sites clean lines and attention to detail is reflected in their collections, sitting perfectly alongside brands such as Damir Doma, Ten and Cosmic Wonder to name a few.

The artist Camille Henrot has captured my attention of late. Best known for her videos, Henrot explores a range of medias including: sculpture, drawing, photography and most prominently, film.

I was sent a link recently, to a site boasting a comprehensive list of books that should be read in ones twenties. See here. Of the 65 books listed, I have read none, bar one {Just Kids by Patti Smith, which I agree is a must-read}. I am currently 27 {and a half} which leaves me 29 months to read the remaining 64 books!

And finally, though not technically todays find, I have to share with you my new local cafe - Ungeheuer. After two weeks of living in the German capital, this little gem still has me captured.


  1. just turned 30 and it looks like i´m very behind in my reading...

    i´ll be visiting berlin nest week, too - ungeheuer looks lovely, maybe i´ll take a look!

    1. let me know when you plan to be there, and perhaps we can meet!

    2. that would have been lovely... unfortunatly i got sick and couldn´t go. maybe next time - in case you´re visiting the southern part of germany, let me know:)