Monday, September 30, 2013

a shirts tale

To give and to receive. 

The satisfaction of giving and the pleasure in receiving. We're nearing the end of the year and Christmas will soon be upon us. Today in the studio with fellow creative minds, we thought how lovely it would be to receive fabrics, sent to us from around the world, each bringing with it a unique story.

Perhaps you're someone who collects off-cuts from flea markets or have a collection of Grandma's remnants stored away?

We would like to invite you to send us a piece of your fabric and with it a story, image or poem, telling us a little something about where it comes from and why it's special to you. We will then use the collection of fabrics we receive to create our staple shirt [No.1] and make them available for purchase in our online store These one-off shirts will be handmade in Berlin and available in sizes XS - L, retailing for $290 NZD (€175).

Should you wish to participate, here are the project requirements:

1. Send us 2.0m of fabric, suitable for a shirt. Only natural fabrics will be used [Ie, silk, cotton, linen]
2. Write us a story, a poem or send a picture, explaining where the fabric comes from and why it is special to you
3. If you wish to purchase the shirt made in your particular fabric, this can be requested and secured with a 30% deposit and a 10% discount off the retail price
4. Fabric must be sent before October 18th

Please e-mail for more details on where and how to send your fabric. We look forward to receiving your packages and to hearing your stories!


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