Tuesday, November 05, 2013

on wild at heart

Honoured to have been interviewed on Wild At Heart and would like to thank Zoe for having me. Read the full interview over on wildatheart.com.au

Where did you grow up and how did that shape your formative years stylistically?

I grew up in the suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. My family home is a beautiful three-storey villa, my parents have been renovating since the day I was born. My childhood was picture-perfect; Golden Labrador, rose gardens, white picket fence, the youngest of three girls. 

I grew up to appreciate a love for interiors, fresh flowers, friends and entertaining. My fondest childhood memories are of my family on our summer holidays at the lake and aspire to own my own lake house, with a pier and surrounding trees someday. 

Tell us about the other places you've lived and those you've visited that have stuck with you, how are they reflected in your aesthetic and creative sensibilities? 

I have lived in Amsterdam, where my fathers’ family is originally from, studying Design and Styling at the time. My peers were incredibly creative. They worked hard, and played hard. I admired them for the confidence they executed in their work and in the language they would use to describe it. So, although only 6 months this was a pivotal move, leaving me inspired and challenged to connect to my work in a new way.

I have been influenced by European style, culture and history after traveling through Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany, and fallen in love with California after visiting Los Angeles last year. 

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